Grand Lodge Boston Tea Party Open House

December 1, 2023

On December 16, 2023, the City of Boston will celebrate the 250 anniversary of the Boston Tea Party as we fast approach our nation’s 250 years of independence in 2026. The Massachusetts Grand Lodge has partnered with Revolution 250, the nonprofit planning festivities here in Massachusetts, to open our doors as the city celebrates.

As you’re well aware, Massachusetts Masons played a significant role in the birth of our nation. Grand Master Joseph Warren lost his life at the Battle of Bunker Hill, Grand Master Paul Revere stirred rebellion with his depictions of the Boston Massacre before later riding through the countryside warning of the British march to Lexington, and John Hancock organized troops and served as president of the Second Continental Congress to name a few. In fact, legend has it that St. Andrew’s Lodge, which met at the Green Dragon Tavern as with the Sons of Liberty, canceled a meeting on the night of the Tea Party because there was no quorum, with all the members instead at the end of Longwarf.

To celebrate this year, St. John’s Lodge will hold an installation, our doors will be open to view artifacts and listen to speakers, and Boston Lafayette Lodge of Perfection will perform Treason Against the Crown, before joining a march down to the Tea Party Museum. Grand Lodge is asking that members register for some events online. To register, click the link below.

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