The Council of Princes of Jerusalem

An Abbreviated History
of Scottish Rite

The Council of Princes of Jerusalem confers the 15th and 16th degrees, known as the historical degrees. These two degrees explore the conflicts and politics in the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon. The body’s name refers to a character in the 16th degree who is conferred the title of Prince of Jerusalem.

An Essay on Giles F. Yates

“I would fain have you believe, my dear Brethren that, as a member of the Masonic Institution, if I have had any ambition, it has been to study its science, and to discharge my duties as a faithful Mason, rather than to obtain honors or personal benefits of any kind. Self-aggrandizement has never formed any part of my Masonic creed, and all who know me can bear witness that it never has of my practice.” – Giles Fonda Yates

If the names of Thomas Smith Webb, Jeremy Cross, Albert Pike, Albert Mackey, Robert Macoy, Henry Coil, William Hutchinson and other preeminent authors’ names are mentioned, they reflect a universal recognition. When the name of Giles Fonda Yates is cited, there is a puzzling air of mystery associated with the name.