Freemasonry from the 1st to the 33rd Degree

September 13, 2023

The Scottish Rite Museum has just published the translation of a historic manuscript written in 1875 in Lausanne, Switzerland, Freemasonry from the 1st to the 33rd Degree! It was written by the Author-in-Residence, Bro. Kamel Oussayef, 33°.

The manuscript transcription of the document contained in this book was done during the reunion of several so-called “confederated Supreme Councils” of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The meeting took place in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1875.

The goal of this annotated translation is to help us, students, scholars, and historians of Freemasonry, to understand the evolution of the rituals. It will also guide the leaders of Freemasonry in the necessary reforms that will help them and us adapt to the future without losing the integrity of our teaching and the cardinal virtues of our conduct.

The rituals committees of all the Scottish Rite Supreme Councils around the world are guided by a deep study and evaluation of the founding texts. Annotated translations such as this one show that the present form of the rituals is a direct result of the scholarly recherche done in the past.

Be assured that this book does not overtly reveal anything to the public because Freemasonry is like a culture, it has its own vocabulary, its written and spoken language, its civic and spiritual habits. Its integrity is firmly protected by bodyguards of intentional innuendoes.

The goal of translating and studying ancient rituals is to bring them out of the darkness of the “vaults” where they are kept to enlightening the generations to come. As the proverb says, “Today’s light always springs from the past to enlighten the future”.

The original manuscript meticulously describes the candidate attire, the jewels and the decors of the lodge or the location where the degree takes place as well as the signs and passwords used.

At the end of the manuscript, all the Degrees from the 1st to the 33rd are summarized and their symbolisms fully explained. The document ends with a synopsis progressively stating the true goal of Freemasonry. Whatever the goal, we are, however, urged to remember that “sentiments are inclined to unconscious exaltations, and nothing is easier than becoming a fanatic against fanaticism, a tyrant against tyranny and intolerant against intolerance”.

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