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Benedict Seymour, 32° (Worker, Mt. Olivet Chapter of Rose Croix)

March 31, 2023

Benedict G. Seymour, born on January 2, 1978, is a proud member of the Valley of Boston. Despite living in the far off lands of Cape Cod, Bro. Seymour still finds time to be active in the Valley, along with his personal hobbies. However, before we can learn about the Ben Seymour of the present, we need to go back to the begining!

Bro. Seymour grew up in Leicester, MA, about twenty minutes west of Worcester. Growing up Bro. Seymour was a social young man, being active in the Boy Scouts Troop 123. Bro. Seymour remembers his time in the Scouts fondly, and says that traveling to Fort Devens to compete against other troops are some of his best memories from his younger years. Bro. Seymour went on to graduate from Leicester High School in 1996. After high school he enrolled in the Baran Institute of Technology in Windsor, Connecticut, and graduated with an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology in 1999.

Brother Seymour began his masonic career in 2011, when he took his degrees at Howard Lodge AF&AM in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Bro. Seymour has been incredibly active in his five years in masonry, currently serving as the Junior Warden of Howard Lodge. He attends Howard Lodge every month and regularly visits other lodges around his district. In the Spring of 2012, Bro. Seymour joined the Valley of Boston at the One Day Class. Since then he has become active in Mount Olivet Chapter of Rose Croix, currently working in the Tableau. When asked what keeps him coming back to the Valley, Bro. Seymour simply responded with; “why not?”

When he isn’t attending the Valley or Howard Lodge, Bro. Seymour works several jobs and keeps up with many hobbies. He is an on-call firefighter for the town of Yarmouth, and a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 11-01 in Chatham, MA. He is also a tech and safety inspector for the National Hot Rod Association of Drag Racing. Bro. Seymour also spends his time as a semi-professional racecar driver for his team Firi Motorsports, driving a 1987 Buick Grand National which has been customized with a 1970 Buick 455 cubic inch engine and a TH400 transmission. He often competes in Heads Up Grudge Racing and Bracket Racing, at New England Dragway in Epping, New Hampshire. Bro. Seymour is also the personal mechanic to Massachusett DeMolays State Master Councilor, a job that he takes exceptional pride in. When asked what the proudest moment of his life has been, Bro. Seymour has a short list. He said that it was having his dad, Stephen J. Seymour, at his wedding.

If you’d like to know more about Bro. Benedict Seymour, you can more than likely find him at one of the upcoming Valley events. Bro. Seymour is an approachable man, and if you ever need a conversation starter, just ask about the racecar!

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