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Meet Gene Nichols!

March 31, 2023

Brother Gene Nichols is a man with a rich and interesting history, both inside our great fraternity and out of it. He is a member of several lodges, he is active in many of the appendant bodies of Freemasonry, and he was an active member of DeMolay growing up. Before we can get to that part of his life however, we need to start at the beginning.

Eugene Nichols was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1962. He spent the early half of his childhood living in Roslindale, before moving to Dedham in 1971. In 1975, Bro. Nichols received his first taste of Freemasonry when he joined Dedham Chapter, Order of DeMolay in a class of twenty-one young men. Bro. Nichols excelled in DeMolay and went on to serve as Master Council of Dedham Chapter, and then serving on the State level. Holding the position of State Scribe from 1982-1983, and Deputy State Master Councilor from 1983-1984. Bro. Nichols recalls his time in DeMolay as “the best part of [his] youth.”

Immediately following his majority from DeMolay in 1984, Bro. Nichols dove head first into Freemasonry. He was inspired to join by his DeMolay advisors, whom he describes as “fine gentlemen, and great mentors” Bro. Nichols joined in hopes of emulating their great example.   He joined his mother lodge, the DeMolay Lodge, in March of 1984 when he received his 3°. In April of the same year he joined Scottish Rite.  Bro. Nichols joined at a time when One Day Classes were not prominent, so he had to take his degrees across the four fridays in the month! Brother Nichols  achieved his 32° on April 27. Later on, in the fall of 1984, Bro. Nichols continued his journey by joining the Shrine.

Brother Nichols has been active in several lodges during his time as a mason. Being raised in The DeMolay Lodge, he went through the chairs and served as Worshipful Master of Constellation Lodge. After that Bro. Nichols went on to be a founding member of J. Philip Berquist Lodge in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The Lodge is named after John Philip Berquist, Past Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts from 1981-1983.

Today, Bro. Nichols is especially active in Mount Olivet Chapter of Rose Croix. Bro. Nichols became active in Rose Croix in 1995, and he is currently serving as the Senior Warden of the body. At the same time, he is also currently serving as the Secretary for J. Philip Berquist Lodge.

Brother Nichols is married to the lovely Susan Nichols, a Past Grand Worthy Advisor of Massachusetts Rainbow. They have two children together, Ethan and Emily, both of whom are members of masonic youth groups. Ethan is a Past Master Councilor of South Shore DeMolay, and Emily is a Past Worthy Advisor of Middleboro Rainbow.

When asked what has made him the most proud in his life, Bro. Nichols has a short list. He is proud of Ethan and Emily succeeding in both Rainbow and DeMolay, as well as all that they have accomplished outside their organizations. Second to his children, Bro. Nichols is incredibly proud to have served the Seventh Masonic District as District Deputy Grand Master.

Brother Nichols is incredibly dedicated to our fraternity, and has far more interesting qualities than what could be fit into this brief biography. If you would like to meet Brother Nichols, he can typically be found at the regular meeting of J. Philip Berquist Lodge. Or at the regular meeting of South Shore DeMolay, where he also sits as Secretary. J. Philip Berquist lodge meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month. While South Shore DeMolay meets at the Weymouth Masonic Hall on the first and third Friday of each month.

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