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Meet the Captain of the Consistory Guard

March 31, 2023

William Rudolph Currier has dedicated his life to the craft and its appendant bodies. It began when he was born into the household of Lafayette and Myrtle Currier in 1956 in Concord, MA. He grew up in North Reading, where he would graduate high school in 1974. Will was a born runner, participating on the cross country, winter and spring track teams. Will earned two degrees from Franklin Pierce College (now University), one in Management (minor in International Business) and Financial Management (minor in Social Studies). He worked in the banking and mortgage-lending field for thirty years after college. In 2007 he signed on to be the Grand Master’s Assistant under M.W. Jeffrey Hodgdon.

In 1971, Will joined North Reading Chapter, Order of DeMolay. Bro. Currier recounted fond memories of having M.W. Fred Bauer as his ritual advisor. He rose into the east as Master Councilor in 1974 as a senior in high school. Bro. Currier became active on the state level, becoming a District Representative in 1975 and being elected State Junior Councilor in 1976. Will went on to run and win a heated election for State Master Councilor in 1977. A year he enjoys recounting at many DeMolay gatherings. He has most recently been designated as a Deputy Member of DeMolay International’s Supreme Council.

Having fallen in love with the masonic family from a young age, becoming a Freemason was a given for Will. He joined North Reading Lodge in 1978 while still holding the office of State Master Councilor. Since North Reading was a strong lodge with a long waiting list to become an officer, Will took his talents to the DeMolay Lodge and became Inside Sentinel under R.W. Jim Moller. After rising to Worshipful Master of the DeMolay Lodge in 1984, Will went on to become Master three more times in two other lodges: North Reading Lodge (1988-1989), again in the DeMolay Lodge (1994-1995) and Frank W. Thompson Lodge (2005-06).

Will’s strength and dedication as a mason was noticed early as he was selected to be the Senior Grand Deacon in 2000 for M.W. Fred Bauer. He later was appointed as the District Deputy Grand Master of the 14th District under M.W. Pageau in 2008-09.

He has worked within several other bodies of masonry, belonging to York Rite, Shrine and others. Will has served as a Grand Steward in the Grand Council of York Rite, District Deputy Grand High Priest for the Grand Royal Arch. In 2011, Will served the York Rite as the Deputy Grand High Priest of the Grand Royal Arch.

Bro. Currier decided to join the Scottish Rite at the Valley of Boston’s Arthur Harris Melanson Class in 1980. He was heavily involved with the four bodies, serving as a degree worker for several bodies. Fascinated with the Consistory Guard, he joined on in 1983 with Charlie Huntley as his Captain and Brenton E. Tyler Jr., MSA 33° as the Commander-in-Chief. As James Franklin, 33° went in as Commander-in-Chief in 2006, Will was asked to lead the Consistory Guard as Captain. Under his leadership, the Consistory Guard has grown from six men to over twenty.

For all of Will’s accomplishments, the one he is most adamant about is his partner in life, Lynne Currier. Since his days as State Master Councilor, she has been a driving force behind him and his work. After 31 years of matrimony, Will and Lynne are as strong as ever. When Will isn’t spending his weeknights and weekends for Freemasonry, they spend their time traveling across the country and the world. Will’s goal is to visit all fifty states (he’s at thirty-seven now).

Will has done a tremendous amount for our fraternity; taking the spotlight when needed and working in the background with pleasure. We can only hope that those that follow in his footprints are able to carry the mantle as high as he has.

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