Thursday Night at the Rite Q&A

June 21, 2024

In honor of the end of Thursday Night at the Rite Season 5, the staff at Supreme Council interviewed the man behind the production, Bro. James Dill! Thank you both to the staff for their interview as well as Bro. Dill and his team for their tireless efforts to put on a high caliber production for all. For a tasting of the interview, here’s a few of the questions and answers but to read it in full, click the link below!

What inspired you to become a Scottish Rite Mason and how did you go about becoming a member? – The decision to become a Mason was easy because my father and grandfather were Masons. I’m a legacy member, so this fraternity is in my blood. When I first joined, a kind Brother made me feel like part of the family as soon as I was raised a Master Mason. He quickly encouraged me to continue my journey and talked to me about the Scottish Rite, which I then joined. I’m also a York Rite Mason and a Shriner, but my heart is in the Scottish Rite.

What is the goal of Thursday Night at the Rite? – Thursday Night at the Rite allows members to easily revisit degrees they love or check off new degrees they haven’t seen, all while connecting with Brothers across the jurisdiction. Before every Thursday Night at the Rite, we also offer Join the Rite Night, where candidates are initiated into our fraternity and immediately become eligible to enjoy all the benefits available to members, which includes that night’s Thursday Night at the Rite presentation.

Whether you are witnessing your first Scottish Rite degree or watching them with your Valley at a watch party, these virtual degrees give new and existing members a chance to dig deeper into the degrees while connecting and bonding with fellow Scottish Rite Masons.

Thanks again to Bro. Dill and his team as well as the staff for interviewing him.

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