Valley Dress Code

Valley Dress Code

Below you will find the dress code for Valley events as approved by the Presiding Officers of the Valley. Should you have a question about acceptable attire, please consult this list.


White Tie & Tails or Full Dress

Black tailcoat, matching trouser (tux pants), white pique formal shirt, white pique vest, and a white pique bow-tie.


Tuxedo, dark business suit

Officer dress for degree and invited events. Specific Valley body dress.


Dress slacks, Collared Shirt, Jacket, and tie, Sweater if desired

No jeans, shorts, or “Hawaiian” shirts.

Business Casual

Dress slacks, Collared Shirt and Jacket (no tie), Sweater if desired

No tie required but acceptable. No jeans, shorts, or “Hawaiian” shirts.


”Comfortable” khakis, jeans, shorts, polo shirt

Clean and comfortable dress for the occasion. “Hawaiian” shirts acceptable.

Kilts The wearing of a kilt is dependent upon the event; the acceptance of which will be noted in the event listing.

Boston-Lafayette Lodge of Perfection has adopted Kilts for their officer attire at stated meetings.The Knights of St. Andrew also allow for Kilts at stated meetings.Kilts are not acceptable attire for the 33rd Degree.

In general, if Kilts are indicated as acceptable for a specific event, the following should be noted:

  • Kilt Jacket & Waistcoat (tweed or otherwise) w/white shirt & tie* = suit
  • Kilt Jacket & Waistcoat (tweed or otherwise) w/ any other shirt & tie* = sports coat (*bow-tie optional with suit/sports coat attire)
  • Black Argyll Jacket, white shirt & long tie = very formal suit
  • Black Argyll Jacket, formal shirt & black bow-tie = tuxedo
  •  Prince Charlie or Regulation Doublet & black bow-tie = tuxedo
  • Montrose or Kenmore Doublet = tuxedo or white tie
  • Prince Charlie or Regulation Doublet & white tie w/white waistcoat = white tie