Autumnal Equinox Tomorrow

September 20, 2023

Though the cooler weather has signaled the unofficial start of Fall, this Saturday, September 23, 2023, marks the official start of Fall with the Autumnal Equinox! 

Astronomically speaking, it is when the Sun is directly over the Equator because of the Earth’s Axis. Contrary to popular belief, the entire planet does not have the equinox at the same time. The further north and south you are, the closer your equinox, or day where you have equal amounts of sunlight and night, will be to the astronomical date. For example, Boston is 42° North Latitude and still has over 12 hours of sunlight until Tuesday. On the other hand, places on the equator will always have 12 hours of sunlight, such as Quito, Ecuador at 0.18° south latitude.

The equinox also holds an important place in Freemasonry. It is the point in the circle between the two St. John’s. As is it also the equilibrium, it is a time to reflect and bring about new beginnings.

To read more about the equinox, click the link below.

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