Massachusetts Consistory Officers


Commander in Chief

David S. Sewall, 33°, MSA

Bro. Sewall was born April 16, in Framingham, Massachusetts. During his childhood, he was a part of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and John Eliot DeMolay. In DeMolay, his advisors included Most Worshipful Al Ames and Bro. Wayne Szretter. He served as Master Councilor in the late 80s. The memories from all the organizations are still important to him today, with the time spent camping and parading standing out the most. He went on to graduate high school. After high school, he attended Quinnipiac University and Massachusetts Bay Community College.

JohnSullivan_highres (2)

John F. Sullivan, 33°, First Lieutenant Commander

Bro. Sullivan’s masonic journey was inspired by his grandfather, Illustrious William Graham 33° who served as a long-time Massachusetts Consistory degree worker and an Aide to the Commander-in-Chief from the late 1950’s through the 1970’s.

He was raised in 2007 in Morning Star Lodge in Worcester MA and quickly became active in his blue lodge as well as the Valley of Worcester. He advanced through the blue lodge line becoming Master of his Lodge from 2014-2016. He was appointed District Deputy Grand Master of the 23rd Masonic District in 2017-18. In 2022, M.W. Richard Maggio selected R.W. Sullivan to serve as Deputy Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts. He currently serving as an elected member of the Grand Lodge Board of Directors. Additionally, he has been active in Lawrence Chapter of Rose Croix, Aleppo Shrine, Massachusetts College of Rosicrucian’s, York Rite of Worcester, St. Bernard Commandery #12, the Lodge of the Royall Secret, Master’s Lodge, and Massachusetts DeMolay.

Brother Sullivan is a 36-year career firefighter, having served in his hometown of Worcester from 1987-2018 rising to the rank of Deputy Chief. In 2018 he became the Chief of the Brookline, MA Fire Department where he also serves as the Town’s Emergency Management Director. He is married to the beautiful Louise, and together they have five children and five grandchildren.


William E. Yanakakis, 33°, Second Lieutenant Commander

Bro. Yanakakis was raised in 2003 at John T. Heard Lodge in Ipswich, MA. He served as the Master in 2010 and as District Deputy Grand Master of the Tenth District from 2012-2013. He was elected to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of Grand Lodge from 2017-2022 and was Chairman of the Grand Lodge Membership Development Committee from 2014-2022. In 2021, he was elected as the Second Lieutenant Commander of Massachusetts Consistory.

Bill grew up in Boxford, MA and graduated from Masconomet Regional High School, Bentley College, and the University of Massachusetts School of Agriculture in Stockbridge. He married his wife Paula in 1992, 10 years after they graduated high school together. They live in Ipswich MA and have three grown sons: Christopher, Benjamin, and Alexander. Bill has been in the golf Industry for 40 years currently serving as Golf Course Superintendent at the Rockport Golf Club.

He enjoys all sports more especially Golfing, Skiing & Boating.

Jeffry T. Ross, 32°, MSA, Orator
Robert S. Burnett, 33° MSA, Assistant Orator
John E. Vankuilenburg, 33°, Chancellor
George H. Kopps, 33°, MSA, Associate Chancellor
Roy J. Leone, 33°, Treasurer
Paul W. Rolston, 33°, Treasurer Emeritus
Thomas U. Kenney, 32°, Secretary
Kenneth J. Scott, 33°, Secretary Emeritus
Warren W. Morris, Jr., 33°, MSA, Prior
John R.S. Higgins, 33°, DSA, Prior Emeritus
Richard E. Haley, 32°, Associate Prior
David R. Lucas, 32°, MSA, Master of Ceremonies
Francis M. Hart, 33°, Assistant Master of Ceremonies
Erich F. Horgan, 32°, Assistant Master of Ceremonies
Geoffrey Kromer, 33°, MSA Assistant Master of Ceremonies
Paul J. Malagrifa, 32°, Assistant Master of Ceremonies
Tom A. Wachtell, 32°, Director
James Giragosian, 32°, Hospitaler
Peter J. Lawson, 32°, Engineer & Seneschal
Frank B. Gomes, Jr., 32°, Assoc. Eng. & Seneschal
Mark J. Pearrow, 32°, Master of Ancient Craft Masonry
Ian C. Mackenzie, 32°, Associate Master of Ancient Craft Masonry
Matthew A. Neidermeier, 32°, Captain of the Guard
William R. Currier, 33° MSA, Captain of the Guard Emeritus
Geoffrey Kromer, 32°, Captain of the Guard Emeritus
Lewis E. Staples, 33°, Captain of the Guard Emeritus
Robert L. Cook, 32° MSA, Organist
Albert T. Ames, 33°, Aide to Commander in Chief
Jeffrey L. Gardiner, 33°, MSA, Aide to Commander in Chief
Paul F. Gleason, 32°, MSA, Aide to Commander in Chief
Donald G. Hicks, Jr., 33°, Aide to Commander in Chief
Jeffrey B. Hodgdon, 33º, Aide to Commander in Chief
R. Scott Inglis, 32°, Aide to Commander in Chief
Arthur E. Johnson, 33°, Aide to Commander in Chief
E. Joel Peterson, 33°, Aide to Commander in Chief
W. Warren Richardson, 33°, Aide to Commander in Chief
Frederick L. Sewall, 32°, MSA, Aide to Commander in Chief
Richard J. Stewart, 33°, Aide to Commander in Chief
William A. Thompson, Jr., 33°, MSA, Aide to Commander in Chief
Harvey J. Waugh, 33°, Aide to Commander in Chief

Degree Workers

Timothy A. Ackerman, Melrose
Ludwig Alban, Brookline
Keith C. Alderman, Westminster
Edward K. Ambuter, Stoughton
Derek R. Androvett, Ayer
Robert N. Authier, Amesbury
Michael D. Bailow, East Falmouth
Brian D. Baker, Marston Mills
Jayme K. Baker, East Falmouth
Robert H. Bartlett, Mashpee
Askin Bas, Belmont
Nicholas H. Batzell, Cambridge
Lawrence E. Bethune, West Newton
Alexander A. Bird, Lexington
James W. Bowen, East Watertown
Edwin J, Brailey, Needham
Irwin I. Brendler, Framingham
Dustin M. Briere, East Weymouth
Robert H. Brown, Brookline
Shawn M. Burke, Maynard
Robert S. Burnett, Worcester
Steven A. Burton, Billerica
Paul A. Bushey, Watertown
Michael Centola, Needham
Jeffery D. Christo, Standish, Maine
Robert M. Cooper, Jr., Cambridge
Keith M. Curtis, Wakefield
Richard Frank Delucia, Billerica
Hagop V. Demirdjian, Malden
James O. Dill, Jr., Dorchester
Philip A. Drouin, Marshfield
Richard T. Dunphy, Needham
Robert Joseph Felice, Jr. Millbury
William George Flamburis, Sudbury
Shaun J. Flanagan, Peabody
Francic R. Galligan, Cranston
Donald C. Gibb, Stillwater, Minnesota
James Giragosian, Watertown
Frank B. Gomes, Jr. Haverhill
Michael J. Grace, Needham
Arne Grepstad, Falmouth
Jeremy A. Gross, Somerville
George K. Haile, Beverly
Richard E. Haley, Lowell
Jeramie D. Hammond, Falmouth
Water L. Hawkins, Woburn
David R. Hearn, Wellesley
R. Carlton Hill, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Andrew E. Holland, Cumberland, Rhode Island
Erich F. Horgan, Woods Hole
H. Robert Huke, Dedham
Joshua C. Jayindon, Beverly
James D. Jeschke, Bellingham
Jeffery L. Johnson, Sandwich
david I. Kasahara, Cambridge
Haralambos Kefalas, Billerica
Omer F. Kilic, Peabody
Robert G. Kispert, Needham
Gerren R. Kopcinski, Dracut
Robert J Kowalewski, East Falmouth

David C. Kramer, Framingham
Jared H. LaLibertem, Berkley
Sean E. LeBlanc, East Falmouth
Jeffery S. Levy, Natick
Antonio Lopez, Boston
Dana S. MacAllister, Hudson
Ian C. Mackenzie, West Roxbury
Daniel R. Madore, Wilmington
Paul J. Malagrifa, Wrentham
Joseph A. Manzo, Jr. Newtonville
Mario S. Marchese, Methuen
Adam C. Marks, Waltham
M. Brad Marston, Boston
Brian McHale, Watertown
Alan R. Melanson, West Harwich
Guy A Mitrano, Danvers
Warren W. Morris, Jr., Bellingham
James T. Morse, Falmouth
Neil H. Murray, West Yarmouth
Ryan T. Nagle, Boston
Michael S. Nemth, Northhampton
David P. Newcomb, Natick
Jonathan M. Oggiono, Upton
David E. Pace, Ludlow
Keith D. Patch, Lexington
Richard A. Patterson, East Falmouth
Stark J. Peterson, Salem
Walter Peterson, Jr., Randolph
Sean P. Quinlan, Boxford
Robert C. Quinn, Scituate
Merrill J. Rosemberg, Malboro
Jeffry T. Ross, Leominster
Gary M. Rubin, Brockton
Richard M. Rubin, Brocketon
John E. Ryder, Boston
Juan J. Sanfeliu, Brookline
Frederick L. Sewall, Needham
Richard W. Seychew, East Falmouth
Sidney D, Shapiro, Framingham
Steven R. Silva, East Falmouth
Michael K. Simon, Somerville
Travis L. Simkins, Worcester
Allan R. Sinclair, Milton
Paul M. Starratt, Westford
Peter Kendall Stone, Plymouth
Wayne L. Swiggard, Lowell
Ali B. Taciroglu, Belmont
David W. Taglieri, Beverly
Tobais G. Thompson, Boston
Jon Anthony Torrisi, Haverhill
Dominic M. Turini, Plymouth
Bradford E. Turnier, Weymouth
Nathaniel R. Ulrich, Maynard
James Clarke Uzdarwin, Ipswich
Walter C. Wedlock, Medford
Richard R. Wenderoth, North Falmouth
John E. Williams, East Falmouth
Donald N. Woodruff, Barnstable
William E. Yanakakis, Ipswich
Ozge Yavuz, Arlington


Ill∴ Peter Smith, 33°, term expires in 2026
Ill∴ Scott Inglis, 33° term expires in 2026
Ill∴ Eugene Capobianco, 33° term expires in 2026
Ill∴ James R. Franklin, 33°, term expires in 2025

Consistory Guard

Matthew A. Niedermeier, 32°, Shirley, Captain
Mark P. Barrett, 32°, Melrose, Lieutenant
Michael J. Boucher, 32°, Acton, Lieutenant
Stephen A. Corthell, 33°, MSA, Haverhill, Lieutenant
John A. Moore, 32°, MSA, Somerville, Lieutenant
Joseph C. DeNicola, 32°, Hanover, Warrant Officer
James A. Wiegel, 32°, Sudbury, Warrant Officer
Michael J. Douglas, 32°, Falmouth, Sergeant
John K. Freeman, 32°, Abington, Sergeant
Leo M. Kenen, 32°, Bedford, Sergeant
Roy J. Leone, 33°, Tewksbury, Sergeant
William W. Cicci, 32°, Beverly, Color Guard
Christopher M. St. Cyr, 32°, Standard Bearer

David L. Angel, 32°, Littleton
Jonathan D. Buck, 32°, Somerville
Peter M. Culbertson, 32°, Nantucket
Patrick M. Fennelly, 32°, Wilmington
John S. Mitchell, 32°, Burlington
Jonathan William Palermo, 32°, Danvers
Nickolaos I. Pavlidis, 32°, Watertown

William R. Currier, 33°, MSA, Burlington, Captain Emeritus
Geoffrey Kromer, 32º, MSA, West Groton, Captain Emeritus
Lewis E. Staples, 33°, Dunstable, Captain Emeritus
David L. Cross, 32°, MSA, Salem, Lieutenant Emeritus
David F. Phillips, 32°, Lynn, Lieutenant Emeritus