United Kingdom Coronation Tomorrow

May 8, 2023

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 6, most of us will witness for the first time in our lifetimes the coronation of the United Kingdom’s monarch. King Charles III has had the powers of King since the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II in September, and has had the title “King” since the Ascension Council met, but has this final, ancient custom to take part in.

At 5:20 a.m. EDT, the King and Queen Consort will depart Buckingham Palace for Westminster Abbey in an official procession. Leading the procession will be ceremonial maces, the Sword of State and four other ceremonial swords, the St. Augustine Gospels, and a newly created Cross of Wales, a gift from Pope Francis that contains pieces of the True Cross. Once inside, the King will be anointed and crowned in St. Edward’s Chair, which dates back to 1296 and will have the Stone of Destiny inside it. The Archbishop of Canterberry will officiate the Coronation, crowning the King with St. Edward’s Crown, presenting him with the Orb of State, Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross, and the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Dove, and crowning the Queen Consort with Queen Mary’s Crown. They will then return to Buckingham Palace in the Golden State Coach and greet the people.

The celebration will last the whole weekend in the United Kingdom, with parties, concerts, and dinners throughout the country. In keeping up with tradition, the President himself is not attending but is sending a delegation led by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. To learn more about this historical event, click the link below. 

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