Welcome to our Newest Brothers!

April 26, 2024

Last Saturday, April 20, was the Valley of Boston’s Annual Spring Class. There, we welcomed new members into Scottish Rite! Welcome to the Valley, we hope that you take full advantage of your membership and get involved in all we have to offer!

Djeison Alves
Anderson Araujo
Cedrik Bacon
Shawn A Baird
Arthur G. Birschner
Bruno D. Bropp Jr.
Thomas J. Burns
Nicolas I. Calvano
Nicholas A. Connell
David B. Crest
Justin D. Dansereau
Joseph M. Davis III
Thomas P. Default
Joseph N. Dellolio
Cameron M. Durocher
Eric A. Enslin
Sidney Goncalves
Daniel P Harris
John Hernandez
Harold W. Hill Jr.
David J. Jacques
Joshua H. Kirkwood
Dmitry Kovalenko
Matheus Krevonis
Owen A. Linehan
Andrew T. Lopolito
Irani J. Magayanes
Michael Scott McDonald
Francis A. McManus
Max B. Morgovsky
Andrew W. Morin
Abraham Moshekh
Michel Nowacki-Moura
Emmanuel J. Nyangi
Carlet V. Paul II
Joshua J. Jordan
Nigel B Pereira
William J. Perrier
Rools M. Prosper
Sylvan A. Quallo
John C. Robinson, Jr.
Josue Romero
Brian J Rooney, Sr.
Wilguens Sainterling
Joel O. Savitz
Maik C. Schulz
David S. Shapiro
Daniel J. Silva
Vinicius DeCastro Soares
Cory J. Thibodeau
Joseph J. Turner
Matthew T West
Matthew Aaron Bryant
Josh Davila
Peter J. Perez
Tarrell A Berry
Valery Jeanty
Mohammed A Khan
Douglas R. Perry
Daniel T. Skebos
Elvin Guzman
Travis Sawyer
Jay R. Alameda
Tyler M Ansin
Glen W. Fraser
Christopher M Mansur
Benjamin S Wright

Our new brothers should log into their NMJ Membership portal, where you can keep track of the degrees you’ve seen, pay your dues when they come due, and more! The email you used to sign up for Scottish Rite should be your username and your default password should be your member number, which you will receive shortly.

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