The Lodge Of Perfection Officers


Thrice Potent Master

Peter C. Grimm, 33°, MSA

Bro. Grimm was born on December 9, in Moline, Illinois. As a kid, he was very involved in Boy Scouts and attended the 13th World Scout Jamboree held August 2-10, 1971, on Asagiri Heights on the western side of Mount Fuji, in Fujinomiya, Japan. He is an Eagle Scout. He graduated from Christian Brothers Academy in 1973 then went to Northeastern University where he earned a BS in Psychology and later a Master’s in business administration. 

Joseph C. DeNicola, 32°, Deputy Master

Joe grew up in Hingham where he joined DeMolay and became Master Councilor in 1976. Upon his majority he entered Old Colony Lodge, rising to Master in 2008-10.  Joe served Grand Lodge as Junior Grand Deacon, District Deputy Grand Master and finally Deputy Grand Master in 2014.  He attended Suffolk University in Boston where he earned both his degree in business administration and his MBA.  Joe lives in Hanover with his wife Christine.

Gregory A. Goyette, 32°, Senior Warden

Bro. Goyette was elected an officer of Boston Lafayette Lodge of Perfection in 2020.

Greg was born and raised in Quincy, MA. He has a B.S. from Bridgewater State College, a M.A. from Anna Maria College, and is a graduate of the Harvard School of Public Health “National Preparedness Leadership Initiative.”

He was raised in Rural Lodge located in Quincy, MA. He is also a member of several other appendant masonic bodies and social groups.

Greg and his wife Dawn have three children, Louis, Emily, and Katrina.

James M. Tyack, 32°, Junior Warden

Bro. Tyack was born in Salem Massachusetts in 1963. He attended Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School. In 1983 he enlisted in the Army Reserve where he served weekends until 1995. In 1986 he joined the Boston District Council of Carpenters local 33 as a carpenter apprentice, retiring in 2020 with the now local 327 in Boston. He is a member of Rural Lodge in Quincy.


Michael J. Douglas, 32°, Orator

Bro. Douglas was born on his father’s 36th birthday and grew up in Plymouth MA.  After moving around the New England, he and his wife, Dawn, have made Cape Cod their year-round home. He joined the craft in January 1994 and served multiple terms and lodges as Worshipful Master, starting with May Flower Lodge in 1998.  Bro. Douglas served Grand Lodge as District Deputy Grand Master in 2010-2011 and currently serves as a Grand Lecturer.

When not working, attending a Masonic meeting, or spending time with his grandchildren, he can usually be found enjoying a cigar with his brethren.

Donald H. LaLiberte, 32°, Treasurer
Paul R. Rolston, 33°, Treasurer Emeritus
Thomas U. Kenney, 32°, Secretary
Kenneth J. Scott, 33°, Secretary Emeritus
Mario S. Marchese, 32°, Master of Ceremonies
Derek R. Androvett, 32°, Captain of the Guard

Degree Workers

Derek R. Androvett, 32°
Moussa W. Bechwati, 32°
Herby Bernard, 32°
Edwin J. Brailey, 32°, MSA
A. David Brown, 32°
R. Peter Carlson, 32°
Mark Degon, 32°
James O. Dill, Jr., 33°
Michael J. Douglas, 32°
Carl “Skip” Durham, Jr., 32°
Bruce E. Fought, 32°
Phillip S. Garrett, 32°
Gregory A. Goyette, 32°
George E. Hayeck, 32°
Arthur I. Hersh, 32°
H. Robert Huke, 32°
Robert V. Jolly, Jr., 32°
Scott Lakin, 32°
Evangelos Liapis, 32°
David W. Luce, 32°
Ian C. Mackenzie, 32°
Graeme H. Marsden, 32°
George F. Matta, 32°
William T. McCarriston, Jr., 32°
Andreas Meier, 32°
Vincent L. Mood, 32°
Johnathan K. Neitz, 32°
David B. Olsen, 32°
John M. Paronich, 32°
Clive A. Perry-Gore, 32°
Lawrence R. Plavnick, 32°
Paul F. Ricciardi, 32°
Craig S. Rothman, 32°
Richard M. Rubin, 32°
Mason W. Russell, 32°
Richard W. Seychew, 32°
Arthur H. Sharp, Sr., 33° MSA
David H. Smith, 32°
Matthew T. Smith, 32°
James W. Steele, III, 32°
Ivan Tchoubenko, 32°
Joseph G. Turner, 32°
Richard W. Van Doren, 32°
David R. White, 32°
Matthew J. Wissell, 32°
David T. Wright, 32°
Stephen M. Coan, 32°

Stephen E. Beatty, 32°
Adam W. Bellefontaine, 32°
Donald L. Bernier, 32°
Irwin I. Brendler, 32°, MSA
Robert H. Brown, 32°, MSA
Charles D. Caroselli, 32°
Walter F. Dickson, Jr., 32°
Alexander Dorjets, 32°
Nathan D.L. Durand, 32°
Robert G. Dyer, 32°
Jeffrey E. Fowler, 32°
Frank B. Gomes, Jr., 32°
Paul H. Hansen, 32°
Alexander R. Hayes, 32°
John R.S. Higgins, 33° DSA
R. Arlen Johnson, 32°
John W. Knox, 32°
Rick D. LeClair, 32°
David A. Libby, 32°, MSA
Jean G. Maceus, 32°
Mario S. Marchese, 32°
M. Brad Marston, 32°
Jonah McCall, 32°
Ronald L. McKim, 32°
Anastasios N. Miliotis, 32°
Warren W. Morris, Jr., 32°, MSA
Samuel J. Newland, 32°
Richard P. Paolini, 32°
Edwin R. Parsons, Jr., 32°
Ulrick Petit-Homme, 32°
David A. Reardon, 32°
Merrill J. Rosenberg, 32°
Gary M. Rubin, 32°
Stephen M. Rubin, 32°
Robert L. Scott, 32°
Sidney D. Shapiro, 32°, MSA
Herbert B. Shostek, 32°
Jeffrey H. Smith, 32°
Jeffrey T. Squires, 32°
Raymond D. Stephens, Jr., 32°, MSA
James M. Tucker, 32°
James M. Tyack, 32°
G. Dudley Welch, 33°, MSA
Richard L. Wise, 32°
Harlan L. Woods, 32°
Jacob T. Yanovich, 32°


Ill Mason W. Russell, 33°, term expires 2026
Ill David S. Elsner 33° term expires 2025
Ill Arthur H. Sharp, Sr. 33° MSA, term expires 2024
Thrice Potent Master, ex officio
Deputy Master, ex officio

Tyrian Masters

Who are the Tyrian Masters? 

The Tyrian’s are named after the Master Masons sent by Hiram, King of Tyre to assist Hiram Abiff in the construction of King Solomon’s Temple. The Tyrian’s are selected from the workers of the Lodge of Perfection (LOP) on an annual basis. They are directly appointed by the Thrice Potent Master (TPM). One in the group is selected to act as the Tyrian Master. They are recognizable by their distinctive red ties.

Stephen M. Coan – Tyrian Master

James Field
Craig Rothman
Gary M. Rubin
Carl “Skip” Durham, Jr.