The Lodge Of Perfectionn History

A Brief History of Boston-Lafayette Lodge of Perfection

Information excerpted from Ill∴ William Nilsson Woodland’s book, Some Ordo, Some Chao

Boston-Lafayette Lodge of Perfection was formed in 1895 after the merger of two co-existing Lodges of Perfection took place.
Boston Grand Lodge of Perfection was conceived of in 1825, born in 1842, died in 1850, revived in 1852, committed suicide in 1855, and was reincarnated in 1863 before finally merging in 1895.
Lafayette Grand Lodge of Perfection was born in sin and schism in 1862, was legitimized in 1867, and also merged in 1895.
The result was Boston Lafayette Lodge of Perfection, but the story starts with the chaos that was the Scottish Rite in the United States before the Supreme Council succeeded in bringing Ordo ab Chao, or “Order out of Chaos.”

In the early 1800’s, both the Scottish and York rites were building their organization, but there was some overlapping and confusion in the Craft. In 1801, the Supreme Council of the 33o was established in Charleston, SC by Masons who had received the rite from France via the West Indies. The Northern Masonic Jurisdiction was formed in New York City by a certificate granted by the Supreme Council of the now Southern Jurisdiction in August 1813.