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Where are they now? David Elsner

March 31, 2023

Ill∴ David Elsner, 33°, is a Past Thrice Potent Master for Lodge of Perfection, serving in this capacity from 2014-2017. Bro. Elsner’s journey in Masonry began in DeMolay, where he served as Master Councilor and was awarded the Degree of Chevalier, the Order’s highest youth honor. Then, he went on to join the craft at Wollaston Lodge in Quincy, which merged with Rural Lodge. There, he went through the chairs and served as Master from 2004-2005, before joining the Valley of Boston.

When he joined the Valley, he became active in Lodge of Perfection because that’s where his friends were. Going through the line was not something he had in mind when joining, but when he was asked to take on a position, he gracefully accepted with the blessing of his wife. While he has many fond memories like the gathering at the Mt. Washington Hotel and the Scotland trip, he is most proud of presiding over all 11 Lodge of Perfection degrees during a two-day event. He is the only Thrice Potent Master to do this, and it couldn’t have been done without immeasurable help from members across the jurisdiction.

From advice and previous experience, he was not shocked when he left office. However, he did notice that his cellphone rarely rang with a call. He has remained active in the Valley,  serving as the Deputy’s Representative, and taking a more behind the scenes role: including basic maintenance of Lodge of Perfection, casting and directing for the plays, and giving advice to his successors when they ask.

Outside of the Valley, he keeps himself busy by spending his free time as an advisor of South Shore Chapter of DeMolay and has been developing ham radio and wood lathing skills. Bro. Elsner still does work in his photography business. In his family, his eldest grandson got married, his second oldest grandson graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, his two granddaughters have returned to school in Vermont and at Stonehill College, and his youngest grandson has become active in DeMolay.

When asked to give advice to the current Thrice Potent Master and the other Presiding Officers, Bro. Elsner said, “maintain harmony, always have something nice to say to somebody no matter what.”

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