Where Are They Now?:

Where Are They Now?: Ken Blake

March 31, 2023

Bro. Ken Blake, 33° served Mount Olivet Chapter of Rose Croix as Most Wise Master from 2008 to 2011. His journey through Scottish Rite began in 1979, when Bro. Bud Rockwell brought him into the Rite. Bro. Blake joined Scottish Rite with Brothers Robert Hartley, Phil Drouin, and George Hamilton; all of whom have served as Most Wise Master in succession. During his time as Most Wise Master Bro. Blake accomplished much that he is proud of. Between 2008 and 2011, Bro. Blake brought about changes in the communication structure of Rose Croix, the production team was modernized and brought to a new level of productivity, and he made sure to keep the Past Most Wise Masters involved.

Since 2011, Bro. Blake has remained incredibly active in Massachusetts Freemasonry and in his own personal life. Bro. Blake spent three years serving as a Deputy’s Representative for the Valley of Boston after his term as Most Wise Master. He also served as a Grand Lecturer in 2012 and as Junior Grand Warden in 2013, both under Most Worshipful Richard J. Stewart. In 2014 Most Worshipful Grand Master Harvey Waugh appointed Bro. Blake to the Parent Board of Directors for the Masonic Health System, a position he still holds. Bro. Blake also serves St. Bernard Commandery No. 12 as the Captain of the Guard.

Brother Blake has also stayed active in Rose Croix, in the years since his retirement as Most Wise Master. Since 2011 he has served the Chapter as their Tableau Director, helping to find and interview potential new members. Bro. Blake has stayed involved because he feels that Rose Croix has given him much during his time in the body, and he views this as his chance to give back. In addition to serving as the Tableau Director, he enjoys helping the members and officers in any way he can.

In his personal life Bro. Blake has remained busy in a multitude of ways. He is still an active member of the work force, owning his own small interior painting business. Additionally, he is an avid golfer, serving as a golfing partner for everybodies favorite Treasurer, Bro. Paul W. Rolston, 33°. When he isn’t painting rooms or teeing off, Bro. Blake enjoys traveling with his wife Wanda. Typically, they go on at least one cruise a year together and have traveled everywhere but Asia. Bro. Blake says that the most memorable cruise they have taken was to Iceland, the Faros Islands, and Norway, where it was daylight 23 hours of the day.

When asked if he had any advice for current and future Presiding Officers about dealing with retirement, he had this to say; “stay involved, be active, find something to do, and give back to the body.”

Brother Blake enjoyed his time as a Presiding Officer immensely, and has enjoyed staying active since then just as much.  If you’d like to talk to Bro. Blake in person, you simply need to attend a Valley event and look for the man with the smile.

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