Where Are They Now?:

Where Are They Now?: John C. Harris, III

March 31, 2023

John C. Harris, III, 33°, is a past Sovereign Prince for the Valley of Boston, serving from 2007 until 2009. Bro. Harris’ journey through the masonic community began in his youth when he was an active member of Lynnfield Chapter, Order of DeMolay. He is a Past Master Councilor of the Chapter, is a holder of the Degree of Chevalier and a designee for the Legion of Honor. He dove deeper into freemasonry on February 24, 1983, when he joined Lynnfield Lodge in Wakefield, Massachusetts. On December 9, 1989, he took his next masonic step, and joined the Valley of Boston.

Coming up through the ranks of the Valley, Bro. Harris made the decision to immerse himself in Giles F. Yates Council of Princes of Jerusalem. He had many friends the body that he saw having a great time, and he wanted to be apart of it. He worked his way up the ranks and became Sovereign Prince in 2007. During his term in office Bro. Harris is proud of the how sucessful the Valley’s Family Life Committee was, and how much they accomplished. Bro. Harris also oversaw the renovation of the Prince’s room on the ninth floor.

Following his term as Sovereign Prince, Bro. Harris has kept himself busy. In 2014, Bro. Harris became the Grand Sword Bearer for the Massachusetts Grand Lodge. He also returned to Waverly Chapter of York Rite in Melrose, Massachusetts, and Aleppo Shrine. While he did not resume any offices in either body, Bro. Harris was happy to assist from the sidelines and help the organizations in any way he could. He has also taken the job of being the Grand Masters Assistant, working on the third floor to help our fraternity run smoothly. Bro. Harris has remained active in Princes of Jerusalem in the Valley, taking a backseat role and helping on the sidelines when he can. He also serves on the Board of Trustees for Giles F. Yates Council, and takes great pleasure in the work he does.

In his personal life, Bro. Harris has also found time to return to old hobbies. He recently retired from his personal business of installing truck interiors, and began working part time at his son-in-law’s Chevy dealership. Bro. Harris is also particularly fond of hiking and canoeing, and just last year climbed Mount Washington with his granddaughter. He also recently canoed down the Allagash River, a 65 mile river in the north of Maine.

When asked what advice he may have for outgoing Presiding Officers Bro. Harris had this to say “there is a fine line between giving advice, and interfering. It’s hard to stop, but put yourself in the right place and help when you can.”

Life for Presiding Officers doesn’t stop when their term does, want to read about who we highlighted last month? Click here!

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John C. Harris, III, 33°, is a past Sovereign Prince for the Valley of Boston, serving from 2007 until 2009.

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